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Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Intermediate Hockey Stick

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick


Used by some of the game's best, the 2N PRO features the new R-Lite Blade System - an ultra-lightweight foam with a rubberized response layer for added control and feel. Easy Load Taper and Sweet Spot Technology help the 2N PRO deliver maximum shot results with minimum effort.

Level - Elite

Key Upgrades - R-LITE Blade System; DuraFlex resin system; ACL blade technology; Weight reduction by 10 grams∗

Features and Technology

  • Shot Technology - NEXUS mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot-Technology
  • Shaft Technology - DuraFlex resin system (55 flex and above only) Control Shaft Geometry TeXtreme® construction Easy Load Taper technology
  • Blade Technology - eLASTech blade (55 flex and above only) R-LITE Blade System ACL blade technology Pure Shot blade profile
  • Construction - Monocomp technology


  • SR - 60" Sticks Patterns: P88, P92, P28 102 Flex [1052783] Patterns: P88, P92, P28, PM9, P14 87 Flex [1052785] 77 Flex [1052832] 70 Flex [1053596]
  • INT - 57" Sticks Patterns: PM9, P88, P92, P28, P14 65 Flex [1052786] 55 Flex [1052779]
  • JR - 54" Sticks Patterns: P88, P92, P28 50 Flex [1052801]
  • JR - 52" Sticks Patterns: P88, P92, P28 40 Flex [1052802]
  • YTH - 46" Sticks Patterns: P92 35 Flex [1052831]
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